Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Evidence for Disproving the Evolution Myth

Below are the scientific and empirical reasons to why Darwinian Evolution is a dying theory:

1. The "Cambrian Explosion" refutes evolution: Evidence in the geologically fossil record show an abrupt and rapid appearance of most major groups of complex animals. There is no evidence of evolution from simpler forms. Darwin himself realized the biggest stumbling-block in his theory was the absence of transitional forms observed in nature.

2. The discovery of "Digital Information in DNA" is evidence for "Complex Specified Information": Inormation is a mental, non-material concept. It can never arise from a random natural process and it's always the result of an intelligence. The information in DNA is highly improbable and specific, which would be impossible to come about by chance (time+goo+chance = DNA?!?).
3. "Irreducible Complexity" in living organisms refute evolution: All systems, features and processes that makeup life are irreducibly complex. The idea is that "nothing works until everything works."What good is a circulatory system without a heart? An eye without a brain to interpret the signals? What good is a half-formed wing?
4. "Molecular Machines" in biochemistry present a great challenge to evolution.
There is amazing structural organization within the cell. Many of its compartments are specialized "factories", each with its own assembly line requiring specific raw material as input and generating specific products. An army of tiny machines called molecular motors transport the cellular material consuming energy and converting it into mechanical work.
5. The "Design of Living Things": Design is apparent in the living world. The amazing jet-based defense mechanism of the Bombardier Beetle is a classic example of design in nature.
6. Evolution cannot explain the "Formation of Life". Non-living chemicals cannot become alive on their own. Biochemists can’t just toss DNA fragments into a test tube with a mixture of chemicals and get the desired result of "spontaneous generation".
7. The "2nd Law of Thermodynamics" contradicts the theory of evolution. Everything in the universe leads to disorder, decay and "heat death" instead of more order and structure over time. The chance of something in nature becoming orderly is a lot smaller than the chance of something becoming disorderly.

8. The "Anthropic Principle" posses a big problem to random chance theory. There are observable features of universal constants and consistant laws that appear to be calibrated and fine-tuned in order to sustain life in the universe and on earth. The Universe has a created purpose. Purpose implies intent, intent implies mind, mind implies intelligence.

9. The "Uncertainty Principle" in Quantum theory explains that both the position and momentum
of a particle, cannot be determined precisely. This uncertainty is an intrinsic property of the universe where not all phenomena is the result of pure materialism in nature.
10. The "Human Conscience" cannot be explained by chemicals alone. Evolution cannot explain self-awareness, creativity, reasoning and logic, emotions or free will.
11. Sexual Reproduction: It's more costly and inefficient in nature to have sexual reproduction than the more simpler form of asexual reproduction.

12. "Whales" have remarkable features that classify them as mammals. Evolutionists are unable to explain how they went back into the sea without leaving any fossil evidence of intermediate forms. Their fluke design features have also influenced the development of a new and improved wind turbine design.

All the above factors combined is compelling evidence that Darwinian evolution is merely a widely held myth of popular culture. People believe in this theory in spite of the evidence. That is why many scientists keep referring to evolution as a philosophy of science or even a religion.
This belief is so strong in academic circles that scientists are being ridiculed if they even question evolution publicly. Why are they ridiculed? They are ridiculed because the only strong alternative to evolution is Intelligent Design. One day the Darwinian myth will be ranked as the greatest deceit in the history of science.